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Kids Bundle

Kids Bundle

Kids Bundle contains a set of Kids Mindfulness Affirmation Cards and a set of Calm Rocks 


Kids Mindfulness Affirmation Cards. Based on the teachings of my hugely successful Kids Mindfulness Program. Affirmation cards are a wonderful tool for reinforcing learnings and sending positive messages to the subconscious mind 


15 powerful Affirmations, exploring; 

















Ideal for children aged 6-13yrs


Calm Rocks are  a handmade pocket size strategy to help with worries and anxious feelings. Can easily be tucked away in your pocket. Perfect for little hands and fingers. The rock is indented, with a thumb sized indentation which encourages the child to rub the flat surface with their thumb, providing calming sensory input to relax the central nervous system. And calm the fight/flight response 


Calm rocks can help support children (and adults) to self-soothe and self manage stress. Rub you calm rock to assist you to find your calm and to relieve stress and anxiety


*Please list four colours that you would like for your calm rocks and we will do our best to accomodate. If you do not list any colours your calm rocks will be chosen at random. 

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