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NDIS clients and 1:1 sessions

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Since 2018 I have been seeing NDIS funded clients both 1:1 and in a group capacity. As such, I am often asked “what does a private practice social worker do with NDIS clients in a 1:1 therapy session?”

Just like the vast majority of therapists, I am able to support Plan and Self Managed NDIS clients under the following category;

“Capacity Building – Improved Daily Living".

1:1 sessions with this client group aim to build capacity and interpersonal skills, with the overall goal being to assist clients to develop a range of skills to improve daily function and overall well-being. These sessions encompass Psycho-social support along with skills building. Skill building is focused on; communication, social skills, self regulation skills, confidence and independence. This is usually done via engagement, connection and therapeutic relationship building, along with Theraplay interventions and play based therapy, activities, games, role modeling and imitation. And of course I also add Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) into the mix for the vast majority of NDIS clients I see. Tilly assists predominantly with engagement, as well as emotional and behavioural regulation.

This work is very different to traditional therapy sessions, it’s definitely not counselling. Although it could be if that’s what the client wanted. This work is centred around skills building. It can be very slow with minimal short term gains. It was a challenge for me at first but I now really enjoy it. I am often forced to think outside the box, slow down and really be in the moment with these clients. You must be flexible and patient. Sometimes (often) session programming is thrown out the window in favour of just hanging out and being with the client where they are at on that particular day. This work is 100% about connection and the relationship.

**NDIS clients can be seen at Mindful Life Wellness 1:1 for fully funded sessions under the following item numbers

Capacity Building For Early Childhood Interventions-Other Professional

(clients under 7 years)

item # 15_005_0118_1_3

Assessment Recommendation Therapy or Training-Social Worker

(clients over 7 years) 

Item # 15_621_0128_1_3

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