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Kids Mindfulness Meditations. A Podcast for Kids. An accidental therapy tool

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Kids Mindfulness Meditations is a podcast especially for kids. Recorded meditations and visualisations for sleep and relaxation, for kids aged 5-13yrs. To help reduce stress, self soothe and settle children to sleep. Join Australian Mental Health Social Worker, Maryanne Eve as her calming voice takes you on a journey via beautiful meditations direct from her multi award nominated Kids Mindfulness Program

Back in March 2020, not long before the Pandemic and lockdowns hit us here in Melbourne, Victoria, I woke up with an idea to record a podcast for kids. We were heading into the Autumn school holidays. As my program does not run over the holidays, I thought it would be nice for the kids from my Kids Mindfulness classes to be able to listen to my meditations and my voice over the holiday break. Little did I know that very soon we were going to be plunged into the world's longest lockdown. To date Melbourne has now experienced close to 260 days of lockdown, going in and out of hard lockdowns for the last 18 months. I was completely unaware when I came up with the kids podcast idea that my podcast would become a vital support tool for children and many families as a whole, not only my clients, but children and families worldwide. That day way back in March I sat down with my Kids Mindfulness class program and my iPhone and I set about recording all of my program's guided meditations. Some I had written and some others had written. But all familiar to kids who attend my program. Before long lockdown began and my Kids Mindfulness Program was placed on hold for the next 7 months. Children far and wide began to listen to the podcast at bedtime and as a brain break whilst home learning. I got messages from many families I work with and emails from all over the world. Telling me how much kids were enjoying the podcast and how much it was helping with bedtime Anxiety and worry in general for many children. Parents were reporting that children were missing my program and me-their teacher, terribly. In the absence of my program, my Kids Mindfulness students found it very comforting to have a familiar voice to calm and comfort them. And it was so wonderful to be introducing new children all over the world to the joys of meditation to assist them to find their calm.

To date my Kids Mindfulness Meditations. A Podcast for Kids has had in excess of 190,000 listens. I continue to get regular messages from families all over the world who report how much the podcast has helped their children during the Pandemic, Lockdowns and specifically home learning. I am so excited that the ancient and natural tool and strategy of meditation has assisted so many people world-wide to find their calm

Kids Mindfulness Meditations. A Podcast for Kids is available to download and for free via Apple, Spotify and Google Podcast for Android Users and most other podcast platforms worldwide.

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